Enable CDP advertising – help the network team help themselves!

A customer of mine requested help in documenting which switch ports were connected to ESXi hosts. Rather than simply documenting this which may get out of date if not maintained, I instead suggested we enable CDP advertising on the vSwitch level, in order for the network team to be able to obtain this information themselves on an ongoing basis.

By default vSwitches come with CDP enabled in listen mode only, being able to detect information about the switches they are connected to but not relaying info about themselves to the switches.


To configure advertising on a standard vSwitch, you SSH onto the host and run the following, changing the vSwitch name for the relevant one:

# esxcli network vswitch standard set -v vSwitch0 -c both

If running distributed switches, you can do this in the GUI of the web console. Select your distributed vSwitch and select Manage > Settings > Properties and click Edit.

Under Discovery Protocol change Operation to Both, and it will both listen for CDP info from the switch and Advertise its own CDP info also.