Module ‘MonitorLoop’ power on failed error – unable to power on vm

Came across this amazingly obtuse error today trying to deploy a new VM
Module ‘MonitorLoop’ power on failed
And was unable to power on the vm. I was surprised to find that despite the data store having some free space, this error actually indicates there is not enough space to inflate the Swap file (being 0k when powered off, and it can’t then extend to the correct size).
You can see this by going to the details of the task and digging into the error stack.

Move the VM to a data store with more space, or increase the free space on the data store and the VM will successfully power on.

2 thoughts on “Module ‘MonitorLoop’ power on failed error – unable to power on vm

    1. Are all vmdks/config on the same datastore or is the swap file attempting to be created on a different ds with less space?
      If you expand the full error stack it should give a better indication what it is failing on
      Also if you are using vvols they have been known to cause similar issues but required a san update to resolve

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