vCenter PSC converge tool now available for vCenter 6.5 with U2d

VMware is spreading some holiday cheer in the form of the latest update for vCenter 6.5 U2d. Buried in the release notes is:

  • vCenter Server 6.5 Update 2d adds a CLI tool to convert instances of vCenter Server Appliance with an external Platform Services Controller into vCenter Server Appliance with an embedded Platform Services Controller connected in Embedded Linked Mode. For more information, see the 6.7 vCenter Server Installation and Setup guide.
  • With vCenter Server 6.5 Update 2d, you can add VMware Platform Services Controller appliances to Active Directory 2016 domains.
  • With vCenter Server 6.5 Update 2d, you can use the new vRealize Operations Manager plug-in that provides specific metrics and high-level information about data centers, datastores, virtual machines, and ESXi hosts, to vCenter Server and vSAN. The plug-in is supported only in the vSphere Client.
  • With vCenter Server 6.5 Update 2d, the new vRealize Operations Manager plug-in adds by default the Patch method, supported by the HTTP protocol, to facilitate the online installation stage.
  • With vCenter Server 6.5 Update 2d, you can configure the property config.vpxd.macAllocScheme.method in the vCenter Server configuration file, vpxd.cfg, to allow sequential selection of MAC addresses from MAC address pools. The default option for random selection does not change. Modifying the MAC address allocation policy does not affect MAC addresses for existing virtual machines.

This feature was an eagerly awaited core feature of vCenter 6.7 U1 which has now been back-ported to 6.5.
While vCenter 6.5 Update 2 included support for enhanced linked mode using embedded PSCs, this was only good for new deployments leaving everyone with existing installations stuck with external PSCS. This feature allows us to migrate from a setup with external PSCs to embedded PSCs in a few easy steps.


  1. Edit the converge.json and decommission_psc.json templates to include information about the managing vCenter Server Appliance. See Preparing JSON Configuration Files for Reconfiguring External to Embedded Nodes for information on preparing the converge.json template.
    1. Confirm the appliances have been backed up
    1. Accept the thumb print
    1. Run the vcsa-util converge converge.json command on the client machine running on a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS operating system to begin the convergence process to install and configure the new embedded Platform Services Controller. See Syntax of the Converge Command for a list of available arguments for the vsca-util converge command.
    1. You can log into the vCenter Server Appliance appliance management interface (https://appliance-IP-address-or-FQDN:5480) and see that it is now a vCenter Server with embedded Platform Services Controller.
    1. Reconfigure any products that use the external PSC such as vRealize suite, NSX Manager, etc to use the new embedded Platform Services Controller.
    1. Run the vcsa-util decommission decomission.json command to decommission the original Platform Services Controller. This operation removes the external Platform Services Controller from the SSO domain.
    1. Shut down and delete the old PSC VMs.

Worth noting:

  • You still need to update all nodes, including existing external PSCs to 6.5 U2d before running this tool
  • This tool is only for vCenter Appliance (VCSA) deployments, not windows. If you have not already migrated from windows to vcsa, take this as a sign to do so sooner rather than later.
  • The external PSC configuration is being deprecated by VMware, so it is worth taking the time to migrate


vCenter 6.5 Release Notes at
vCenter converge process at

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